We are really excited to get started on our new Saving Our Species project focused on restoring upland wetlands in the New England bioregion.

The NSW Government funds the statewide Saving our Species program, which aims to protect threatened species across the state. But it’s not just species that are at risk. Ecological communities, which are groups of interacting plants and animals that exist at particular locations, also face threats from human activities. These communities are critical for providing habitat for threatened species, and to contribute ecosystem services.

Upland Wetlands are a unique type of ephemeral wetland that exists in the New England bioregion. These wetlands support many native plants and animals and some are important wetlands for migratory bird species. Many of these wetlands are degraded or have been lost because of activities that have altered their hydrology. Such changes to the wetlands affect their functions like reducing water retention and damaging habitat for plants and animals.

Our project is funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. We will be working with our project partners, landholders and community members to increase awareness about these important ecological communities that are so special to our Northern Tablelands region. We will be doing ecological monitoring and restoration activities over the next few years, and there are many chances for you to get involved.

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Dangars Lagoon, Uralla

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