We have an exciting announcement here at Dynamic Lagoons! We have installed public photo point stations at two lagoons: Little Llangothlin Reserve near Guyra and Dangars Lagoon near Uralla.

How do they work?

The photo points are a metal stand designed to hold a smartphone, with an opening for the camera shutter. Anyone can visit the lagoon at any time, place their smartphone in the holder and snap a photo of the lagoon. There are a few different ways you can share the photo with us, via social media or email – all these details are listed on the sign at the photo point.

(N.B. the holders are designed for smartphones, but you can use any camera – just make sure to hold the lens up to the opening in the photo point)

How will they help wetland conservation?

Upland wetlands on the Northern Tablelands are unique threatened ecosystems, with highly variable wetting and drying cycles. Even when they appear dry to us, they are still important habitat for local wildlife that depend on wetlands to survive.

As part of the Dynamic Lagoons project, we are collecting data on the long term environmental changes at these wetlands. This information is important to help us understand how to better protect these wetlands and the biodiversity that depends on them.

The photo points will enable us to collect long term visual evidence of how the lagoons change over time, which we can correlate with changes in biodiversity at the same locations.

So next time you’re visiting one of these lagoons, stop and share a photo with us and contribute to wetland conservation on the Northern Tablelands!

How to find the photo points:

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