We are pleased to announce the winners of the Dynamic Lagoons colouring competition. The community response to the competition was amazing and we thought all the kids did such a great job bringing Paula’s picture of a lagoon to life!

Congratulations to all who entered. We will contact the parents of winners directly to arrange pick up or posting of prizes.

Winners: 0-4 Years

1st Jordan Bartlett

2nd Ellie Booy

3rd Samuel Stace

Winners: 5-6 years

1st Prisha Pandey

2nd Lilly Suresh Kumar

3rd Anya Cox

Winners: 7-9 years

1st Quentin Gose

2nd Evelyn Bartlett

3rd Oliver Smith

Winners: 10-12 years

1st Loic Hulland

2nd Zeke DeVries

3rd Stephanie McMullen

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